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Australia Group List

The Australia Group is an informal forum of countries (currently 42, including the Netherlands) that together with the European Commission aims to minimise the risk of assisting chemical and biological weapon (CBW) proliferation during export and transport. This group does so by exchanging information about suspect shipments and by compiling a list of potentially suspect materials and agents (dual-use items).

The Australia Group is an important collaboration in the fight against the proliferation of biological and chemical weapons. The group first met in 1985 on Australia’s initiative. The group’s aim is to make existing export controls more effective and to prevent the spread of biological and chemical weapons.
Key considerations in the formulation of participants’ export licensing measures are that:
• measures should be effective in impeding the production of chemical and biological weapons;
• measures must be practical and relatively easy to implement, and;
• measures should not impede the normal trade of materials and equipment used for legitimate purposes.
All countries participating in the Australia Group are parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and the Biological Weapons Convention (BTWC), and strongly support efforts under those Conventions to rid the world of chemical and biological weapons.

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