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International treaties and guidelines

There are several international treaties that regulate the worldwide proliferation of sensitive goods. These sensitive goods include high-risk biological agents.

The Netherlands has ratified several international treaties and follows a number of export control regimes. These treaties and regimes are aimed at regulating the worldwide proliferation of sensitive goods, such as military goods and dual-use items.

In relation to biosecurity, there are a number of international lists and overviews of biological agents, such as the ‘EU export control list’ and the ‘Australia Group List’. These lists specify the biological agents and technologies that require a licence for export outside the EU. In the context of the European CBRN Action Plan (EU, 2009), a single European CBRN list of agents is currently being drawn up to specify those agents for which EU countries will be taking additional measures with respect to preparedness and resilience. This European CBRN list of agents is expected to be very similar to the ‘EU export control list’. The Netherlands has been part of this Action Plan since 2009.