There are a number of different lists of pathogen risk classifications. These lists differ not only internationally, but also within Europe and even within the Netherlands.

On this page you will find an overview of the various risk classification lists that are currently available for human, animal and plant pathogens. The lists shown here have been drawn up on the basis of different principles; for example, for reasons of biosafety or plant health. The pathogens named on these lists are therefore not necessarily directly linked to biosecurity. The lists have been placed here to provide an overview of the various risk classifications of the individual pathogens

(Inter)nationale lijsten van biologische agentia

Gecombineerde lijst met biologische agentia

Biologische agentia richtlijn 2000/54/EU

Lijst pathogeniteitsklasse organismen BGGO

Lijst Dierpathogenen

Lijst Exportcontrole strategische goederen

USA Select Agents and Toxins List

Australia Group List